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We care about these details

Our menu has been specifically designed to give you the maximum amount of nutrition along with an unbelievable amount of flavor and aroma. Having partnered with several of the finest farms in the area our locally sourced ingredients are sure to be FRESH. Located at 2204 Hwy 35 in Sea Girt, we are easily accessible in the Sea Girt Mall Plaza. Stop in to learn more about us and grab a meal that is sure to satisfy.

By combining the most advanced preparation and cooking methods, we maximize flavor while ensuring vital nutrients are not lost.

At Fresh Kitchen we do not add any salt or use any refined sugars.

Fresh Kitchen is inspired by the need for a truly nutritious option that is delicious. Founder Mike Nitto had a difficult time meeting both of these criteria while traveling throughout the world. Read more about how Fresh Kitchen started.

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Stay up to date with Fresh Kitchen