Fresh 2 You

Convenience matters, why not make it a healthy fulfilling choice.


Designed for health & fitness enthusiasts.

The program’s focus is to fill a void in today’s marketplace where it is difficult to find a convenient meal that is not loaded with salt and fat.

FRESH Kitchen was created out of the necessity of truly nutritious meals that are attractive, flavorful, filling and most importantly delicious.

Our ingredient combinations are paired to give you the best flavor experience while fueling your body.

How It Works

  1. Click on your affiliated gym.
  2. Choose your meals
    (3 meal MINIMUM to participate in program)
  3. Pick-up or Delivery

Our ORGANIC & GMO FREE meals are high in protein while also being low in sodium and fat. They contain high levels of essential vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis.

Current Subscribing Gyms

If you don’t see your gym and would like to be added to our program please contact us at: 732-769-8133 or

Don’t see your gym? Sign up!


  • How do I place an order?

    Select your location and be transferred to an online ordering portal. This is a secure site, where you will be able to select your meals and checkout via Debit/Credit card. You will be able to select your time for delivery, and receive an email confirmation. If you enter your phone number, you will get a text message from us when the preparation of your meal has begun as a reminder.

  • How do I select my location for delivery?

    Select your location from our Fresh 2 You page. This will direct you to an order portal (Feel free to bookmark for ease) where you can place your order securely and safely, with each location customized delivery schedule.

  • I don’t see my location?

    That location has not signed up for our service yet! Feel free to email and we will contact your location and see if we can get a delivery schedule set up. In the meantime, feel free to choose our in store pick up location, that way you can still get Fresh meals in the interim.

  • What is the order minimum/maximum?

    The minimum is 3 meals for delivery at your selected location. There is no maximum, but we do believe that food is freshest within 3 days of purchasing. Having 10 meals delivered for 10 days will deplete nutrient value, and begin to go bad after 4 days without freezing. We will deliver twice a week so you will always have fresh food, or for off schedule days you can place an order at our for daily pick ups.

  • How long does the food stay fresh?

    We recommend 3 days at the max. A lot of your food is organic, or Non GMO. We add no salt to the meals, and no added preservatives or sugars. While this makes them very clean and nutritious for you, real food does not stay fresh for very long. Please check the consume by date on all your packages prior to eating.

  • How do I heat this up?

    You can find these instructions on every label. But remember, the black containers are not oven proof! All proteins are cooked to health department standards, so you can enjoy it hold or cold.

    Stove top: Preheat a non-stick skillet on medium high and add a small quantity of olive oil. Add entree to skillet and reduce heat to medium, cover and allow to steam for 3-5 minutes tossing once or twice to prevent scorching.

    Microwave: Black containers ARE microwave safe. Remove lid, heat entrees 3 minutes on high and check; allow food to rest for 2 minutes to equalize heat throughout food item after removal from microwave before enjoying.

  • I have a food allergy.

    We strive to keep any allergen food prep away from other orders. That being said, we are not a nut/dairy/wheat free facility. Only you know your body needs, so please take that into consideration when placing an order. If you have detailed questions about or process, please reach out to rob@yourfreshkitchen and he will assist you or direct you to someone who can confidently answer you. (Our food allergens are also printed one each label.)

  • Oh No! I forgot to pick up my delivery!

    Life happens. We know this. What we will do, is retrieve the undelivered meals, and credit your account for a 50% rebate. If you don’t see the credit, let us know and we will get it out to you.

  • When will I get my order?

    Our delivery schedule will depend on the location you are selecting. We work with the owners and operators to select the best times for delivery, but are always open to suggestions.

  • Can you cater to my exact nutritional needs?

    While we would love to be able to do that, we currently do not have the infrastructure that can meet the high standards we have for you and the food. You are more than welcome to come into the store, and custom build a meal that is tailored just the way you want it. We are located at 2204 Route 35 in Sea Girt NJ 08750.

  • Do you deliver to residential?

    Not yet. We are planning to open this service after the summer in 2017. (We are also hard at work making children’s Fresh2you meals for school lunches.)

  • Can I customize my meals? Can I exchange one menu item for another?

    No, we have not expanded our meal program to allow customized meals. (Yet) I am sure our current offerings and additional new menu items will be able to meet your goals. If you love to customize, please stop by the store and we have a much larger variety of foods to choose from.

    We are located at 2204 Route 35 in Sea Girt NJ 08750.

  • My card is declined?! Help?!

    Sometimes, if you fill out your information incorrectly on the website, it will reject the card you have entered. When you fix the error, I recommend you refresh the whole browser to clear out any data that could still cause an error or card declined message. (It’s a secure site so rest assured your information is protected, but it is very sensitive to errors) If you still have challenges, you can always find our contact information on the website, or here: and we will gladly sort it out with you.

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